“As a Northern Region Coach for the IL MTSS Network, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals and leadership teams across Northern Illinois and I remain inspired by my time working with Dr. Escobar and work as an educational leader. I admire her leadership style and skills. At the heart of any decision she makes is children.  Dr. Escobar is willing to roll up her sleeves, work alongside the team, make the hard decisions and have the tough conversations - all in the desire to create positive change for kids. Alexandra is extremely knowledgeable; not just in educational pedagogy, research-based practices, and interventions, but also in curriculum design, MTSS process, equity and cultural responsiveness, bilingual education, and Social-Emotional Learning."

Kari Harris, IL MTSS Network, IL 

“Dr. Escobar successfully guided the district towards the use of data and student-centered instruction through the use of the instructional specialist team and using an equity lens centered on meeting the needs of all learners. She worked tirelessly with coaches and teachers to promote an asset-based approach to education. She analyzed the intersection of social, economic, political, racial, and cultural factors that were impacting the education of emergent bilingual students and diverse learners and researched how to best address the needs of our specific population.”

Elvira Pichardo, Ph.D., Elmhurst Unified School District 205, IL  

“I am tremendously grateful for the leadership and guidance she has provided, the systems she has put in place for our district, and the expertise and knowledge she brought to us. Her guidance in the areas of Curriculum and Instruction, Gifted Education, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and other integral aspects of Teaching and Learning has been second to none. She is creative and always reflective in her approach to working with all staff. Her strong, yet compassionate demeanor makes her extremely approachable and allows for a safe, collaborative space for all of us to contribute.”

Elisabete Abrantes, Berwyn North School District 98, IL 

“Her drive to create equitable instructional experiences for all students was at the forefront of her work and encouraged other educators to reflect on their instructional choices with equity in mind. Alexandra is dedicated to providing meaningful professional learning opportunities for teachers to reflect on rigorous, engaging, and relevant instruction for all students. She leads by empowering others.  She creates learning opportunities for teachers that allow them to collaborate with other educators and administrators to ensure all students are achieving at high levels. Her dedication to creating equitable learning environments is contagious and her drive to encourage and challenge educators to become active participants in student’s education is invaluable.”

Jill Healy, IL Mathematics Consultant, IL  

“Her knowledge of instruction, equity, and cultural responsiveness has brought about some much-needed changes and has taken our district in a positive direction. Her professionalism and respect for others make it easy to work with her, while her confidence and passion make the work exciting.”

Eden Barragan, Berwyn North School District 98, IL 

“Dr. Escobar is truly a child-centered individual, who is always willing to assist and support students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Dr. Escobar’s professional record is exemplary; she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the educational setting. She was well respected for her professionalism, kindness, and empathy for others. Dr. Escobar worked tirelessly to advocate for the needs of all students.  She brings the depth of knowledge needed to increase growth and achievement for all learners."

Amanda Moons, Ed.S., Neuro-Educational Specialists, IL 

“Dr. Escobar pushed me to reach my highest potential. She observed my classroom regularly and provided constructive feedback that challenged me and ultimately improved my practice. Thanks to her instructional leadership I took risks that directly benefited my students. Together, we were able to have reflective conversations about my practice to ensure all students were being supported and challenged. Consequently, I was better equipped to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of all students through data analysis and increased collaboration with families. Dr. Escobar successfully empowered families to get involved and serve as advocates for their children. 

Daisy Lopez, Chicago Public Schools, IL  

Her caring disposition allowed our school, as a whole, to welcome her and under her guidance create systems and structures to improve instruction and increase student achievement. Dr. Escobar provided highly engaging and tailored professional development to our teachers. She also collaborated with highly respected lead teachers to establish monthly Teachers Academies meant to provide a safe learning environment for teachers to learn from one another. Dr. Escobar provided a nurturing environment, which created a high level of trust with teachers. She is not only knowledgeable of research-based instructional practices but also has a wealth of resources and ideas that cater to establishing a positive school culture and climate."

Aida Perez, Chicago Public Schools, IL